Here you'll find jokes poking fun at the neverending battle of the sexes, including some blond jokes.

Newlywed (relationships)
Construction Workers' Lunch (ethnic)
Rules From the Male Side (relationships)
Woman: A Chemical Analysis
Captain Bravado
Bridge to Hawaii (religion)
Ducks in Heaven (religion)
You Are What You Drink
Geography of a Woman - the d-word is mentioned here once
Airplane Encounter (ethnic)
A Girl's Prayer (relationships) - some raunchy language in this one
Two Sides of the Story (sports, relationships)
New Mouse for Women
10 Things Men Know For Sure About Women
How Men and Women Shower - some stuff here is kind of raunchy
Austin Powers' Pick-Up Lines - no bad words, but still pretty nasty
The Lost Paragraph in Genesis (religion)
Raisin Bread
Doctor Visit - a clean blond joke

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