A devout Packer fan died and had just arrived in heaven (that's where all Packer fans go you know). He was talking to an angel trying to get the low down on what heaven was going to be like. He asked the angel if there were any former Packers in heaven. The angel replied, "Sure, all the greats are here." He then asked the angel if they played football and the angel replied that in heaven, every day is Packer Sunday and the Pack always wins. Being very excited the fan asked if Vince Lombardi was there and as he asked, he saw a man with dark rimmed glasses, a heavy overcoat, and a cap that looked strangely like the one Vince Lombardi wore in the Ice Bowl. When asked excitedly if that was him, if that was Vincent T. Lombardi, the angel replied, "No, that was just God. He just thinks he's Lombardi."

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