(clips with a have some questionable language ....... the size of the clip is listed at the right)

being_you.wav Remer: "Dude, does it just suck being you?" 18K
challenged.wav Jenna has a better way to describe people who are dying. 126K
chelsea_clinton.wav A dying kid makes his last wish. 288K
felons_news.wav Fans of the Dallas Felons celebrate their latest championship. 146K
havent_changed.wav The guys haven't changed since high school... cool! 92K
hostel.wav Remer loves hospitals. 142K
jobs_first.wav Coop figures out the formula for getting chicks. 119K
kenny.wav Kenny tries to get the guys to stop calling him names. 246K
moving_teams.wav The narrator details the sad history of teams moving from town to town. 188K
not_on_list.wav Coop and Remer crash a party. 92K
not_squeak.wav The guys just can't get Kenny's name right. 68K
not_this_week.wav Coop tries to console a dying child. 196K
play_for_minn.wav A free agent forgets where his latest home is. 224K
skidmark_steve.wav Coop and Remer find out not everyone is the same since high school. 194K
talent_pool.wav The narrator tells what happens as a result of parity. 96K
total_losers.wav The guys try to figure out what women want. 63K
totally_f-ed_up.wav Remer explains a "psyche out" to Kenny. 97K
100_dollar_bill.wav Coop and Remer rip on Kenny until there's almost nothing left of him. 315K