A few years ago I ripped some sound clips from the movies "Office Space", "Baseketball", and the TV show "South Park". (Clips like these are called "drops" in the radio industry - yes I know I do not work in that industry!) Some are a little raunchy, but if you've seen any of these shows, you should already know that.

Office Space Baseketball South Park


Some pics that have been forwarded to me over the years...
The images will open in a new window. To save an image, right-click on it and choose "Save Picture As".
Note that denotes items that have R-rated content, so view them with discretion.
The (4) denotes how many images in that section.
Morphing Faces (4) Rednecks (16) Funny Signs (44) Stick Figures (9)
Brain Teasers & Illusions (11) Fake Fat Celebrities (7) Women Drivers (7) Calvin & Hobbes Snowmen (12)
Bad Christmas Comics (21) The Clintons (9) Newspaper Clippings (4) Battle of the Sexes (11)
Animals (6) Random Comics (10) 2000 Election (5) Frenchy Fun (3)
Post 9/11 (25) Sand Art (3) Soccer Mishaps (6) Price of Gas (11)
Individual images:
Making Burgers Deleting Files Female Bicyclists Home Alone
World Map Cabbage Patch Huge Cactus Curious George
Drunk Pumpkin Goodwill Clothes Driving Too Fast Weekend Prayer
Tough Texans Windows 2K Bug List

Documents & Powerpoints

Just more random stuff that I have received by someone or other.
They require either MS Word or Powerpoint to view them.
Work Safety Awards (PPT) Good Lessons (PPT) Action Item Superhero (DOC) New MS Office Help (DOC)
Children's Artwork (DOC) Customer Survey (DOC) Taunting My Friend Alan (DOC)

Et Cetera

Assorted Flash apps, Wavs, MP3s, or Windows Media audio/video files.
Delta Airlines Ad in Ebonics (WAV) Tourette Syndrome Patient (MP3) Freakin' Fries (WMV) Drink Milk (WMV)
Napoleon Dynamite fair ads (WMV) Election Whazzup (Flash)

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