Office Space
(clips with a have some questionable language ....... the size of the clip is listed at the right)

8_bosses.wav Why Peter feels like he's not motivated at work. 522K
a-hole.wav Peter fesses up to Joanna: "I've been a real a--hole" 16K
all_screwed.wav Coworker Tom (the guy who was all nervous about getting fired) saying "We're all screwed, that's what." 63K
all_your_idea.wav Michael thinks the blame should be shared: "Quit getting pissed at me, all right. This was all your idea, a--hole." 41K
anorexic.wav Peter's hypnotherapist must be good, he helped his girlfriend lose weight... 235K
another_dime.wav When you're salaried, extra work doesn't mean extra pay. 219K
average_day.wav What Peter does, on average, at work. 721K
back_up.wav Samir singing part of a rap song while drunk. 30K
be_happy.wav Peter can't understand why he just can't be happy like everyone else. 72K
bulls_question.wav Michael: "That question is bullsh--" 35K
clown.wav How Michael really feels about Mr. Bolton. 283K
come_in_saturday.wav Mr. Lumbergh needs Peter to come in on Saturday... 577K
conjugal_visit.wav Michael needs a conjugal visit. 45K
deep_s.wav Samir: "We are in very deep sh--". 72K
dont_care.wav Peter: "It's not that I'm lazy, it's that I just don't care." 80K
dont_like_my_job.wav Peter decides not to go to work anymore. 110K
flair.wav Peter tries to make a point about "flair" being evil. 55K
flipped_off.wav What happened when Joanna quit. 98K
get_memo.wav Peter getting whipped by one of his bosses. 31K
get_memo2.wav Peter getting whipped by Samir. 24K
gonna_quit.wav Joanna and Peter discussing whether he's going to quit. 144K
good_luck.wav Peter wishing the Bobs good luck with their layoffs. 128K
hate_this.wav Joanna really doesn't like her job. 45K
have_a_job.wav Tom still paranoid about having a job. 74K
he_sucks.wav Michael still talking about Michael Bolton: "He's the one who sucks." 48K
horrible_idea.wav Samir telling Tom what he's thinks about Tom's idea. 68K
i_did_nothing.wav What Peter did on his day off. 125K
laid_off.wav Tom freaking out about being laid off. 36K
like_a_record.wav Drew analogizes how Joanna gets around. 114K
like_his_music.wav Michael's mad at the guys who fired him. 34K
little_f-er.wav The defective printer/copier wears Michael a little thin. 331K
mai_tai.wav Milton complaining on the beach. 228K
milton.wav One of Milton's long ramblings. 682K
mondays.wav "Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays!" 89K
money_laundering.wav The guys look it up in a dictionary. 44K
nina_speaking.wav The annoying, repetitive receptionist. 86K
no_bills.wav Peter and Joanna discuss paying bills. 280K
no_problem.wav Peter explains that there really isn't a problem. 137K
not_meant_to.wav Peter saying that people aren't meant to sit in cubicles all day. 65K
not_missing_work.wav Peter hasn't exactly been missing work... 161K
o_face.wav Drew tells the guys what he hopes to show his date later. 136K
paper_jam.wav Samir loses his temper with the copier. 416K
people_skills.wav Tom has people skills, can't you see that! 330K
problem_here.wav Mr. Lumbergh lets Peter know there's a problem. 94K
put_up_with_this.wav Tom: "There are people who don't have to put up with all this sh--" 86K
screwed.wav Michael: "I think we're screwed" 45K
set_on_fire.wav That's the last straw for Milton. 97K
soulless.wav Peter really doesn't like his boss. 62K
stock_option.wav The Bobs try to see if Peter would go for some incentives. 313K
sup_g.wav Michael: "Whatssup, G?" 17K
the_trick_is.wav A lawyer tells Michael and Samir how to survive in prison. 139K
whats_happening.wav Mr. Lumbergh: "What's happening" 36K
whine.wav Tom tries to tell Peter that he was just like him once... sort of. 165K
worst_day.wav Peter explains to the therapist that every day is the worst day of his life. 584K
worst_idea.wav Michael tells Tom: "That is the worst idea I've ever heard" 49K
yeah_well.wav Mr. Lumbergh: "Yeah, well, I'm just not sure about that right now" 124K