South Park
(clips with a have some questionable language ....... the size of the clip is listed at the right)

2_cartmans.wav Good Cartman and Bad Cartman have different opinions about the cat. 704K
10_4_sargeant.wav Cartman: "10-4 Sargeant!" 48K
above_the_law.wav Some character saying "I am above the law!" 47K
ahhhh.wav Just Kyle screaming. 43K
angry_garrison.wav Mr. Garrison: "You won't get away with this you bastards!" 106K
authoritah.wav Cartman: "Respect my authoritah!" 93K
bad_itch.wav Stan faces off with the bus driver. 336K
bad_jimmy.wav Cartman visits his extended family for the holidays, and everyone gets after the dog Jimmy. 527K
best_friends.wav Good Cartman sings a song for his friends. 617K
book_report.wav Cartman's book report is a bit off the mark. 659K
brownies.wav The kids "bake some brownies" on the bus. 222K
but_mom.wav Cartman objects to his mother's wishes. 643K
candymaster.wav Cartman thinks he's the Candymaster, but Stan thinks otherwise. 160K
cat_in_heat.wav Cartman's cat is in heat and is driving him crazy. 768K
cheezy_poofs.wav Cartman wants some Cheezy Poofs. 146K
chef.wav Chef has a plan for getting himself out of a bind. 131K
clubhouse.wav Cartman needs carpet for the clubhouse. 830K
bad_kitty.wav Cartman complains about the cat and his mom's response surprises him. 853K
elvin_mr_hankey.wav Cartman's baby cousin Elvin says: "Mr. Hankey kicks a--." 65K
farting_fire.wav Something is really wrong with Cartman. 293K
fat_abbott.wav The boys are watching a cartoon called "Fat Abbott" (take off of Fat Albert), and it is supposed to be an example of how cartoons are getting really nasty. 806K
fat_a.wav Cartman is using WeightGain 5000, and Kyle tries to get him to understand that he's not gaining the right kind of weight. 494K
flaming_gas.wav An alien anal probe is giving Cartman some trouble, so much so that he sets a kid on fire in class. 644K
grandma_far_away.wav Cartman is upset about having to go visit his grandma. 134K
grandma_grace.wav Cartman's grandma is tired of saying grace. 414K
hi_elvin.wav Cartman greets his baby cousin, who responds, "Sweeet". 128K
huggies.wav Cartman's great-grandma can't see so well, and thinks Kyle is her great-grandson instead. 442K
keep_your_pants_on.wav Cartman: "Alright, keep your pants on." 54K
make_pizza.wav Cartman mouths off at the babysitter, but she doesn't take it. 132K
mostly_come_at_night.wav Cartman is watching the movie "Aliens". 376K
mostly_mad.wav Cartman can't help copping the "mostly" from "Aliens". 234K
mostly_never.wav Cartman plots revenge against his babysitter... using another "mostly". 362K
oh_weak.wav Someone says "Oh, weak". It sounds like Cartman, but I think it is one of his family members. 49K
play.wav Kyle, Stan, and Kenny don't want Cartman to play with them. 411K
poor_people.wav Cartman: "Poor people tend to live in clusters." 96K
pretty_ugly.wav Cartman and his babysitter share a special moment. 460K
rabbits_eat.wav Stan faces off against the bus driver Ms. Crabtree again. 549K
run_around.wav Chef: "He needs to run his a-- around the block a few times." 95K
shut_up.wav Some guy saying "Shut up, b----". 43K
sickdude.wav Kyle: "Sick, dude" 43K
son_of_a.wav Cartman: "Ah, son of a b----!" 65K
starve.wav Mr. Garrison: "I hope you starve, you son of a b----!" 107K
stinky_britches.wav Cartman can't get a popular song out of his head. 447K
stop_the_bus.wav Kyle has a screaming match with the bus driver. 617K
sweet.wav Cartman: "Sweeeet" 43K
sweet_lovin.wav Chef's latest lover isn't quite satisfied. 357K
thats_fine.wav The boys fight amongst themselves with pretty much just one word. 206K
to_jail.wav Cartman the cop uses his authority. 153K
undercover.wav Cartman goes undercover as a prostitute. 917K
whoa_dude.wav Kyle: "Whoa dude" 37K
whoop.wav Chef: "Remind me to whoop yo a-- good next time I see you." 98K
wow_cool.wav Kyle: "Wow, cool!" 45K