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April 28 - May 5, 2002

The Carnival Victory Leaves Miami

Well, you know that the previous year's foreign excursion took me to beautiful Ireland. It was truly
a fantastic time. But let's face it: the weather sucked. Cold. Rain. Jeans and long sleeve
shirts. Not really the way you envision a vacation should be. So I planned this year's trip
with just a couple things in mind... Sun, warmth, and sand. And maybe some ladies in bikinis
to go with! The result was a week-long cruise to the western Caribbean on Carnival Cruise
Lines. To add a twist, I booked it as a "singles cruise", well, because I'm single and I
figured it couldn't hurt! I didn't expect to meet the love of my life, and of course that
didn't happen, so there were no shattered expectations. But I did have a great time, met some
great people, and was always under the warm sun. Now let me fill you in on the details...

After we boarded our ship, the Carnival Victory, we stayed in port for about an hour. So I took some
pictures of nearby downtown Miami (above) and the really cool sea-lane highway near the port (below).

Here is a shot of the main deck area on the ship. The first couple days were
spent mainly just soaking up the sun and enjoying the entertainment on the ship.

One more picture, this time at dusk, of the famous Carnival ship fin (I think it's actually the exhaust chimney).

That top-most deck by the chimney is actually for topless sunbathers only. You know, no kids allowed! But I never saw anything when I'd go up there. My toplessness tends to scare others away. You'll see later. :-)


(right) - The hallways in the cabin quarters stretched almost the entire length of the ship. So looking down the hallway gave you a weird feeling of horizontal vertigo.
(left) - This is a good picture of the main deck area at dusk. You can see one of the ship's four jacuzzis in the lower right, as well as the totally cool water slide at the back. Every evening they hose down the entire deck area to get all the salt-water off the wood. Yeah, all the pools on board are filled with salt-water. So you can have that gritty, gross feeling all day if you don't shower after getting out of the pool.


Our cabin steward did a great job keeping our room and bathroom cleaned up, and was always
prompt about making the beds in the morning and turning them down at night. (Some people
complained of crappy service, but we never saw it.) One of the stranger things the stewards
did were "towel animals". At night after turning the beds down (sometimes arranging the
sheets in interesting formations), they'd leave a bulletin describing the next day's
activities along side one of these towel animals. One time the steward used my roommate's
sunglasses on the thing! But I thought these animals were worth remembering and sharing
so here's the picture.

Fun Day at Sea

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