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April 28 - May 5, 2002

On the Way to Mexico, a "Fun Day at Sea"
Hey, you figured you'd have to see my white bald head sooner or later in these pictures! The second day of the cruise was what Carnival likes to call a "Fun Day at Sea". We were on the way to Cozumel, the first port of call, and sailed all day. The trip probably could have been shorter had Cuba not been in the way (see map above). In this picture, we are only about 12 miles off the coast of Cuba, and you can see the island in the background.

One of the reasons I booked this as a singles cruise is because I knew I would be going
alone, and figured it might help me to at least find some people to hang out with. We were
encouraged to wear these blue bracelets to help each other recognize who was a member of
the singles group, and it actually was helpful. (But the bracelet had to go after like
2 days... rather annoying.) We even had T-shirts that told everyone else we were losers in
a singles group - I didn't even bring that shirt on the trip. Here's a picture of me
with Rachel from Minnesota on the left and Patty from Connecticut on the right.

Get used to pictures of me posing in front of random backgrounds. I had to show that I was everywhere...

Another picture of Rachel, Patty, and myself, along with some other spare guy whose name I don't remember.

Oh crap, off comes the shirt. Yes, I know it's frightening. Super white boy. I like how it's only April and I already appear to have a farmer's tan. But look past this pasty pale guy and to the cool water slide behind him. I must have gone down that thing like 3 times in a row once, it was that fun. I even tried to take a picture with my waterproof camera as I landed in the splash pool, but it didn't turn out too well!

One of the benefits of having paid extra for the singles cruise was the "free" cocktail parties. Sometimes the
free drinks sucked, and you tried to console yourself by saying "hey, at least they're free", but they weren't
really free since I had paid extra to have the party! Anyway, the drinks made it easier to talk to all the total
strangers. That's always nice.

I didn't get a chance to get too many sunset pictures. I was always busy doing something else, probably dinner. But this is a good one.

One last picture from this day, to prove how white I really am (and probably gross you out). I was smart enough to cover my entire upper body in sunblock, but somehow I forgot to protect my legs. I had laid out in the sun that afternoon for about an hour, and came back with lobster-red legs. These things were white-hot shells of pure pain. Thankfully this is the only sunburn I got the whole time on the cruise. I had learned my lesson, for sure.

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