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April 28 - May 5, 2002

Welcome to Cozumel
Arrival in Cozumel... The destination everyone on the cruise had been talking about with excited anticipation. But to me, what a whip. This is a poor town exploited by drunk tourists and government officials drunk on the tourism income. That's not the main reason I didn't care for this place, though. Everyone was talking about how much fun they were going to have here. The massive drinking didn't appeal to me because I felt like I could do that at home any time. It seemed that the majority of the people on the cruise were 15+ years older than me, and I guess they don't get the opportunity to party very often. I found other things to do.

Just a picture of the Mexican flag over the main strip in Cozumel. I don't have any night pictures here because I was back on the ship watching all the drunk people come humorously stumbling aboard at midnight before we left port.

Later in the afternoon, after my excursion to Tulum (next page), I came back to downtown Cozumel and ran into Patty. We hung out for a little while, checking out the scene, which included people involved in early licencious drunken activity. This activity mostly took place in two famous (infamous?) bars, Carlos 'n' Charlies and Señor Frogs. This thing we're posing with, in fact, is Señor Frog himself. Notice the vacuous look in his bulging eyes and the beer in his hand. This inanimate object was surely already three sheets to the wind!

Oh yeah, you wanted more. Here's basically the same picture, taken by our crazy tour director.

Earlier in the day I had to take a tender (taxi boat) from Cozumel island to the mainland town
of Playa del Carmen. Here's a look at the beach as we were approaching.

That tender ride took at least half an hour. Very dull, especially since no one seemed particularly interested in saying anything. At least this picture makes it look like I was having a great time!

Upon arrival in Playa del Carmen (which I guess is referred to as "Playacar" by the locals, as you can see here), we were rushed to a bus waiting to take us to the Tulum ruins. Thankfully, the 45-minute bus ride was air-conditioned for us American wimps. We did get a contrived rest stop at some sprawling jewelry/souvenir store where people tried to get us to spend money. I had none of it. Sure, it would have helped the local economy, but I have enough junk the way it is! On to the ruins...

Fun Day at Sea The Ruins at Tulum

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