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April 28 - May 5, 2002

The Ruins at Tulum
A trip to the famed Mayan ruins at Tulum began what would be a very long Tuesday. We had to get up around
6 am in order to be ready to get off the ship at 7 and head to the Mexican mainland. Here is a wide
view of the roughly 200 yard wide compound.

Here's a pic of the main structure in the compound. They had everything roped off and wouldn't let anyone climb on them or go in them. It was kind of sorry. But I guess with the number of tourists they get, maybe it makes sense.

For late April, it sure was hot. The day before was the day my legs got totally sunburned, so I had made sure to slather sunblock all over them before going to the ruins. But even though they were protected from the sun, they were not protected from the heat. Anytime the sun's rays fell on my legs, pain ensued. But it was still fun walking around the area and checking stuff out.
This picture doesn't seem to have scanned well, but you get the idea. Just another picture of me standing in front of another random background!

After the tour guide decided he had beaten us down enough with Tulum history and unfunny
jokes, we were set free to go do whatever we wanted. So I wandered around behind the ruins,
where the ocean and beaches were making some great scenery. The ruins are basically a three-
walled compound, with the Caribbean creating a fourth wall behind them.

I guess I took too much time walking in the wrong direction, as by the time I got back to this beach on the other side of the ruins, it was already almost time to go. The people in my tour group had to meet up back at the bus, which was a pretty good walk. This beach was totally inviting... But I just didn't have time to go play.
With no time to get to the beach, I had to settle for a picture of myself in front of it. That's OK... I was pretty worn out and ready to get back on the bus.

On the way back to the bus, I witnessed this strange activity. People were strung up to this pole and were swinging around it, singing and making music. It was oddly entertaining, but of course I couldn't linger as the bus was waiting.

Welcome to Cozumel Sailing the Caribbean

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