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April 28 - May 5, 2002

Sailing The Caribbean
Wednesday was another Carnival Fun Day at Sea. That meant spending all day enjoying the sun
and hanging out with my fellow singles cruisers. Which brings me to what you likely have been
waiting for... More pictures of people on my cruise besides myself!

Here's a shot of another one of the exciting singles cocktail parties.
At least the drinks were free and rum-soaked.

One of the nicer women that I met was this lady, Dawn. She was a cool chick. In this picture
I look like I'm maybe her son or something. Most of the women on the cruise were older, and
since I'm in my mid-20's, by "older" I mean early 40's on up.

This gal Debbie was one of the singles tour directors. She was such a tease! She was always flirting with all the guys on the cruise. You can tell she's done this posing act before. She was from California, and was every bit what I thought a high-class Beverly Hills girl would be like!

How about that statue to the right?

There's not much I can say about this woman, Lynn from Alabama, that you probably can't already tell from this picture. She was a real sweet southern belle. Most of the guys agreed that she was probably 50 years old and maybe 50% original parts. Money well spent!
Finally, this is Veronika, my favorite female on the cruise. She tended bar in the sports pub on the ship. I went to that bar as often as possible just to talk to her. She was from the Czech Republic, and had a very sexy Eastern European accent. She looked even zestier when she had her glasses on, but she insisted having them off for this picture. Veronika was the main reason I was sad when the cruise came to an end.

Here's a real whipping. Every night at dinner the men and women of the wait staff always did some kind
of stunt. Whether is was serenading everyone or dancing on the tables, it was always entertaining, if not
really cheesy. This night we were all coerced into participating in the requisite Macarena. AAAAHH-IIGHT!

The Ruins at Tulum A Beautiful Day in Cayman

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