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April 28 - May 5, 2002

Stingray City
I'm sure there are other things to do in Grand Cayman besides snorkel with the stingrays, but Carnival certainly doesn't tell you about them! Regardless, this was probably my favorite excursion of the entire cruise. These stingrays were pretty big, probably a yard across for the largest ones. Yes, stingrays can actually sting you with barbs at the end of their tails. But these stingrays were being fed, so they were really not interested in stinging anyone that could give them food...
The water was very warm, and was only about waist-deep on the sandbar. It was a great place to learn how to snorkel, since that was an entirely new thing for me. Underfoot, the sand was soft and white. If you were hanging around where the stingrays were being fed, you had to be careful not to trip on one!

The stingrays would just swim around everyone, checking things out. As they passed by, you could put
a hand over their back. It was rough-feeling, almost like sandpaper. But if you got a chance to feel the
underside of a stingray as it swam by, it was soft as silk.


When the guides weren't helping people feed the stingrays, they were busy putting the stingrays up on people's backs! The stingrays eat with a sucker mouth that can't really bite, so it was safe to do this. It was a little freaky, but pretty cool! Not sure if the stingrays thought it was cool, but they were getting fed, so again, they probably didn't care too much.
This was pretty wild! If you wanted to feed the stingrays, you had to give them this gross squid. You couldn't just give it to them like a dog, either. You had to hold it flat in your hand and let them swim over and suck it off your hand. But we were told to beware... The stingrays could still smell the squid on your hand after it was gone, and they could come up and try to suck on you. Apparently, some idiots in the past had thought they could get a cheap thrill by putting some squid in their shorts. We were told that those dumbasses had found out that a stingray suck was not pleasant!
That's a snorkel in my hand by the way. And I don't know where those abs came from. I guess I should laugh like that more often.
When we were done with the stingrays, we boated out a little ways to a coral reef and got to really snorkel a bit. The water was about 15 feet deep, and was choppier than I cared for. Too often I choked on salt water and couldn't do much but try to keep myself above water. The fish and coral were boring -- nothing like what you see in pictures. I think we were just in a bad area though. But overall it was still fun.

A Beautiful Day in Cayman The Victory Docks in Jamaica

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