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April 28 - May 5, 2002

The Carnival Victory Docks in Jamaica
We left Cayman at roughly 6 pm on Thursday in order to get to Jamaica by Friday morning. I wasn't sure
exactly what to expect of Jamaica... I wasn't actually terribly interested in going there. I had heard a lot of
stories of people badgering you to no end, trying to get you to buy stuff. But we were definitely greeted by
a beautiful sight as we pulled into the harbor at Ocho Rios that morning.

Another shot of our huge ship. The sky was so cool, with dark clouds being pierced by the morning sun.

The first excursion that day was a tour of the area surrounding Ocho Rios. Jamaica is a rather hilly,
almost mountainous land. So our tour guide and bus driver took us for a ride through the winding
inland roads. It was kind of scary, because the driver would go really fast around these ridiculous
180-degree corners. Plus, you couldn't see around these corners because they were basically the sides of
the mountain and there was all kinds of rainforest-like foliage. It was even freakier going back down.

Anyway, here I am with our tour guide. She was really sweet so I asked to have her take a picture with me, but she was pretty shy too, so she didn't look up.

After we were done driving around looking at the poor underside of Jamaica that most people
usually don't get to see, we walked around this big botanical garden called the Coyoba Gardens.
There were a lot of pretty plants and stuff. Overall though it was kind of dull. I thought
I'd share the boredom with a couple of pictures from the place.

There was a break in the middle of the garden tour where we could - you guessed it - buy souvenirs. There was this entertaining peacock there, at least, so that was kind of cool!

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