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April 28 - May 5, 2002

A Quick Tour of the Everglades
I realized that after our ship docked in Miami, I'd still have a bunch of time to kill before my flight left that day. So I booked a tour of the Florida Everglades that lie only about 15 miles outside of Miami. Here's a picture of the lily-covered pond where the airboats pick-up and drop-off tourists.

Looking for alligators in the swamp.

It was pretty warm that day. But then, I imagine it's usually pretty warm in Florida. Anyway, the airboat's engine was really loud (imagine 3 lawn mowers running together about 5 feet from you), so we had to stuff toilet paper in our ears to deaden the noise. Cool!!!

Some alligators come around to check us out...


Check out this jackass! This is our tour guide, playing with one of the alligators. He would throw mini marshmallows in the water in front of the alligator, and then get it to try to eat them. It was really pretty wild. Pretty interesting job I guess!
This was our second tour guide. Yes, that is a real alligator in there with him, and yes, he's holding a baby one. He'd drag the gator by the tail and aggravate it enough to make it hiss (I imagine it's already pissed off enough just being in a big cage). You'd think this dude would be missing a limb by now! He let you hold the baby gator after the show, and of course I did. It tried to jump out of my grasp and nip me, but the guide didn't let it get very far!

And finally, here is a blurry parting shot of the sprawling Miami metropolis from the plane.
All great trips must come to an end. I definitely want to take another cruise again sometime...
It was a total blast!

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