The first port of call was Cozumel, not one of my favorite places, but certainly a good vacation spot and damn better than being at work!
The real reason we had to dock and leave the ship? Alan farted and it smelled so bad people were starting to get sick. What you can't see in this pic is the dead bodies that were being thrown overboard on the other side of the ship. OK, I'm kidding about the bodies.
I assume that this woman is wearing authentic traditional Mexican attire. However, even though she is standing very close to me, I am not sure how authentic her seeming affection for me is.

Alan and I both signed up for the catamaran snorkel and beach excursion. Like my previous snorkeling experience in the waters near Cozumel, this was rather disappointing.
One of the snorkeling guides opened up a container full of fish food of some sort when we were in the water, and the fish went nuts. They were all over, and if you were near the food mess, you could pretty much touch the fish and they wouldn't care. It was like catnip, but for fish... fishnip? Uh...
I kind of like snorkeling, but not as much as others I guess. It's tougher for me because of my contacts, so I have to make sure the goggles don't leak, otherwise it's a real problem. But generally I'm underwhelmed by the murkiness of the water and the colorless fish. It's not like those pictures you see with a vivid myriad of fish and clear, blue water. I suppose that is somewhere, but I haven't had the chance to see it personally yet.
"Was that a fish or did someone just touch my ass?"

After snorkeling, we pulled into a nearby beach where a number of groups on similar excursions were enjoying the sand and surf. It was sunny and warm and nice to just kick back, go for a lazy swim, and enjoy the scene. Unfortunately, we didn't get to stay for long, and soon we were hurrying back to the catamaran to return us to the pier.
Though surely I had the palest skin of anyone in the water, the reports of children calling me "Great Whitey" are utterly false.

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