One of the stranger things you'll see on a Carnival cruise are the towel animals that the cabin room staff put together when they make up your room in the morning. I thought this monkey was actually pretty creative. I'm thinking that by the end of the cruise, Alan and I would have preferred the monkey as a cabinmate instead of each other.
Here is the main pool and deck of the ship. It was pretty sorry, actually. Well, I base my opinion on the fact that the Carnival Victory (on which I cruised two years earlier) had a freakin' awesome deck, and three pools. This pool was a waste of space, and in fact, there was hardly any space for people to lay out, or at least it was very limited. I guess for those who didn't have a basis for comparison like myself, it probably wasn't bad, but I was disappointed.
However, I didn't dislike the pool enough to stay away from it... I must have gone down that slide five or six times one day, even though the saltwater pool was not all that fun. I coerced someone into taking my picture as I came down once - yes I know that's kind of odd, but hey, I was on vacation.

One of the more interesting events on Carnival cruises is the grand finale of desserts. On my previous cruise, this was accompanied by lavish ice sculptures, but not here. Big deal though. The desserts here were just as decadent and extravagant. In this pic you can see a confectionary Eiffel Tower and some weird beehive thing that was apparently edible.
This picture is a little messed up because I had to turn the camera at an angle to get the best shot. But again you can see more of the decorative yet edible offerings. For some reason though I did not bother to dig in. I think the case was that they let everyone look at the stuff around 10 pm but didn't let you eat it until after midnight, and I think I forgot to go back. Oh well, I had enough bad things to eat while on that trip, no more was needed!

Finally, here are a couple shots of the beautiful sunsets over the Caribbean. I love the ocean, and I love the beach. The sun loves me back, but sometimes too much. All in all the cruise was a great trip, and I guess I have to think about when I'll go again...!

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