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The next day we walked along the town's small main street and checked out some of the shops. We encountered a neat toy shop, and as you can see in this picture, mom and dad were having a pretty good time!

Later we took a trip to the McDonald Observatory which was not far away. This part of Texas is perfect for stargazing because the sky is so clear, and the environment is free of light pollution. Here you can see a couple of the observation buildings from a distance. You can get more info on the observatory by clicking this link.
I think my parents were annoying me for some reason, hence the foul look on my face in the pic below. The surrounding landscape was quite beautiful. We stuck around for the evening "Star Party", which is basically a guided tour of the sky. It was really fascinating - the guide would use an ordinary flashlight, and point out specific spots in the sky, telling you which constellation they were in. We were also lucky enough to see the glimmer (as of a shooting star) of the space station Mir (now gone) and the Hubble telescope as they passed over our part of the world. They also had stations set up at a number of smaller (but still incredibly powerful) stationary telescopes, pointed at objects like the moon, Saturn, etc. It was a very cool deal.
Here's a picture of my parents at the observatory, against the backdrop of the Davis mountains.
To wrap this up, here is a picture of my parents, myself, and our friend Wilma. She was as hospitable to us during our stay as we could have possibly wished for. It was a wonderful way to spend Easter!
This picture was taken looking down Wilma's driveway toward the mountain range. I just like how this picture kind of looks like the nearly unspoiled landscape of the old west. Just wagon wheel trails extending into a desert scene with cactus and mountains. Hopefully some day I'll get a chance to get back to Fort Davis, as it is such a neat place.

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