Day 4 - Ring of Kerry   

Wednesday we woke up in Killarney, the gateway to a picturesque scenic route called the Ring of Kerry. The route follows around the Iveragh Peninsula in southwest Ireland, in County Kerry... hence the "Ring of Kerry". We began what would turn out to be an absolutely beautiful day by visiting the three lakes of Killarney. Here behind me are the local mountains that they call the Macgillicuddy Reeks. Note that the only reason we were able to go walking around in the grass was because there were no farm animals anywhere around. Otherwise you can be sure they would have kept us on the bus due to foot and mouth.
I thought this old - but still used - cemetery was fascinating, with aged Celtic crosses and intricately-designed tombstones.
Further west along the Ring, I found the first of my favorite places in Ireland. Just some nondescript plush green valley... Green even in the mid-March winter.
This picture looks out onto the Atlantic Ocean which surrounded the Ring of Kerry.
Notice how the road goes right along the coast! The bus ride was sometimes a little freaky that day.

About halfway through the tour, which took all day, we stopped in Waterville to walk around and survey the scenery. I snapped this awesome picture of the town. The Irish definitely aren't afraid to use a little color on their buildings!
Another picture in Waterville, turned about 45 degrees to the right of the point of view of the picture above.

About mid-afternoon we stopped off at another tourist look-out point, and had the incredible luck to be able to watch the clouds intermittently block the sun so that its rays appeared to be dancing off the water, giving us a fantastic view.
One last stop before driving through the Killarney National Park on our way back to the hotel, this time in Moll's Gap. It was little more than a final chance to buy souvenirs. But I got a good picture here of me with some signs to show that, yeah, I really was there.

There is still more from day 4: out and around the streets of Killarney...
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