Day 4 - Killarney   

Upon returning to Killarney from the day-long Ring of Kerry tour, there was still about an hour's worth of good daylight left, so I took it as an opportunity to wander the streets of the town, take some pictures, and get some souvenirs.
Driving in Ireland is done on the opposite side of the road, and we heard plenty of stories of tourists causing accidents because they couldn't get used to the difference. I was definitely glad to be on a tour bus!

Just a couple of signs from a local pub. I really liked taking pictures of common things that most people would probably take for granted. Sometimes these things say more about Ireland than just simple landscape pictures.

Some more pictures around the streets of Killarney. It was after 6 pm, and there was still a good bit of bustle around the town. Check out how narrow those streets are in the second picture!

I thought it was rather interesting to find an Indian restaurant in western Ireland.
Otherwise, this picture is also cool for how well the sky is reflected in the window, yet the sky looks nonexistent in the upper right hand corner. OK, that was a strange observation...
I ran into one of my fellow tour group members and had them take this picture of me on the way back to the hotel.
My hotel room was really sorry. The toilet wouldn't flush right, the shower stall was a 2x2 foot upright coffin with a directly-overhead showerhead, my phone line had been magically severed during the day, and I nearly locked myself into my room that night. (Imagine my near panic after discovering that my phone didn't work!) You can bet that I was glad to get out of there the next day!

A little later that evening, me and some of the other young members of my tour group went out around town for a mini-pub crawl. We had a really good time. It got especially enjoyable when we finally found a pub tucked into one of the back streets of the town. That place thankfully had no other tourists in it like the others had, and we earned accusatory looks from the locals that were hanging out in there. We felt totally out of our element, but it was cool!

When we got back to the hotel after our pub crawl, we found our tour guide and another tour group's bus driver (!) drinking it up and singing in the hotel bar! They were from Ireland, and you would have thought that they knew every song ever written. Our tour guide was a fun guy to have a beer with, and despite his apparent intoxication, he never missed a step the next day.
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