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700 feet is a long way down.
This will be the first day I wake up on Irish soil... sweet! Well, I won't actually be sleeping on the ground, but in a bed, in a hotel, duh. Anyway, I've thought about just getting a bunch of jars while I'm there, and putting Irish dirt in them. Then those would be my souvenir gifts from Ireland for everyone. I don't know exactly how well that would go over, but I kind of think it's a cool idea. I might just do that for myself, if for no one else.

We'll get the day started off by travelling to the western coast of Ireland where the intimidating Cliffs of Moher rise 700 feet above the pounding Atlantic surf.
A cool view of the cliffs at sunrise.
Assuming I haven't yet made any enemies on my tour, and nobody pushes me off one of the cliffs, me and the rest of my group will then get back on the bus to travel along the coast back to the south towards the Shannon River. There we will ferry across to the town of Tarbert, and then travel through some places called Listowel and Castleisland. I couldn't find these two places in my guide, so for all I know my damn quasi-itinerary that I've been getting all this information from could be lying to me. That would be my luck, to get mugged in some Irish town that no one has ever heard of. I would rather get mugged in Dublin or Cork, for crying out loud! At least then I could spare people the look of puzzlement on their face when I try to describe where I was accosted. OK, enough sarcasm. Onward...

Mossy, mucky Muckross House (at least on the outside).
After another bus ride down the coast, leaving Shannon behind (but I better be on the bus), we will end up in Killarney and find our next hotel. That afternoon we will make our way to the Muckross House, a 19th-century manor overlooking the picturesque lakes near Killarney.
Fun jaunting car!
The house has a museum of County Kerry life, with displays about the history of southwest Ireland. Supposedly the gardens by the house are especially beautiful in spring, so perhaps I'll get some good pictures. While we're there, we're going to take a horse-drawn jaunting car ride along one of the lakes. I wonder if my whole tour group is supposed to fit in one of those little carts. That could be rather uncomfortable. Killarney is billed as a tourist town, and it appears we may have a longer free evening here. That's fine, more time to explore the local pubs!

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