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Some people looking for the Ring of Kerry.
After having travelled a pretty good distance yesterday, we won't have to stray far from Killarney today. Killarney is kind of like the gateway to the so-called "Ring of Kerry", a 112-mile scenic route around the Iveragh Peninsula in southwest Ireland. My guide says to spend a whole day exploring the Ring of Kerry, and it appears that is what we will be scheduled to do. Unfortunately, my guide also says to head out early in the day, so as to avoid the rash of bus tours that converge on the towns along the way. Well, I guess I can do little about that...

This part of the tour will likely be a scenic photographer's dream-come-true. I can't imagine that we'll be doing much else besides driving all day (actually, I guess that's not too much different from every day on this
Get thee to Sneem!
trip). But being that we're just doing the Ring of Kerry on this day, at least there will be plenty of time to take stops at the various locales along the way. You would think that no one would want to live in the Ring,
Moll's Gap has nothing
to do with Moll's teeth
since it's such a tourist trap. But there are a number of small villages and towns along the way, no doubt feeding off the frenzy of tourists. I have no doubt that I will look like a stupid tourist during this part of my trip, as the tour route and stops are almost engineered around tourism. But that's OK. If I were doing this trip sans tour guide, I'd still probably pick the Ring of Kerry as a travel destination and end up browsing the local shops... and pubs. A few of the major tourist towns that we'll be stopping in include Cahirciveen, Waterville, and Sneem. On the way back to Killarney, there is a part of the Ring called Moll's Gap, where the scenery is especially beautiful and you can see all the lakes around Killarney. I'm sure I should expect lots of "oohs" and "aahs" from my fellow tour-takers, and maybe even from myself. I just need to remember not to take too many pictures. People get bored looking at pictures of landscapes, and besides, pictures never justly portray the actual thing. After the day-long tour of the Ring of Kerry, my tour group and I will return to Killarney for dinner and stay at the same hotel as the night before.
Yeah, I will be loving every minute on the tour bus.

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