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Somewhere in Dublin.
After a night of partying on the streets of Dublin, I don't know how interested I'm going to be in going on a city tour with my group. I'll probably go along (heck, I paid for it), but if it seems like I could make my stay more memorable by making a day of it on my own, then I will. The tour includes a bit of sight-seeing for the day, beginning with St. Patrick's Cathedral. Actually, that would be for the regular tour. Since my tour ends up with us in Dublin on St. Patrick's Day, I have a feeling we will get a chance to go down to the city streets and watch the annual parade. Then, after that, we will probably move on to St. Patrick's Cathedral. It should be rather cool to visit the church dedicated to the patron saint of Ireland, on the day designated to honor him. No matter how neat that might be, I hope it doesn't take long. I'd rather be out on the streets of Dublin, seeing what's all going on for the holiday. I can come back and see the sights anytime (if I'm so lucky), but how often will I be able to come back to Dublin when St. Patrick's Day falls on the weekend? Whatever happens, I just plan on having the best time possible while I'm there, even if it ends up raining the whole time.

In the afternoon, my tour group is supposed to visit Dublin Castle, the last castle I'll be seeing in Ireland. At this point in the trip, I'll probably be glad to be
St. Patrick's Cathedral
done with castles. Right now, though, I think each and every one of them will be cool. Hmm, reading through my quasi-itinerary, I see that St. Patrick's Cathedral and Dublin Castle are preliminarily the only attractions listed for today's tour. I guess there will be plenty of time to do whatever I want. This evening we're supposed to go to the Abbey Tavern for dinner and a "fun-filled ballad session."
Sing for us, bar wenches!
If there are lusty bar wenches and beer involved, I guess it could be fun-filled. :-) But honestly, I don't know what to expect for that. After dinner, for my last evening in Ireland, if our hotel is located in a decent part of town, I hope to go out and explore a little bit. I know, I'll be careful and on my guard, and hopefully I'll be able to drag someone else along with me. But like I said, whatever the circumstances, I just plan on making the best of the situation. I keep saying, I don't care how things go when I'm there, whether or not things go as I planned. My whole philosophy is that, hey, I'll be in Ireland, and it's not going to be worth wasting my time worrying about things I can't control. I just have to enjoy every minute I'm there!

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