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Farewell Québec

I don't remember how many hours the drive from Northampton, Mass. to Burlington, Vermot lasted, but it was a decent haul. It was not completely boring however, since I had to cut through the Green Mountains, and amazing scenery was plentiful. Here's another one of my famous pictures while driving. It's obvious from the clarity of this pic that there is no windshield in the way. That's because I stuck my head out the window and took the picture at 70 mph! Ok, ok... Not even I am that stupid. :)

I arrived in Burlington about an hour before sunset, so I asked the woman at my motel's front desk where was a good place to eat and check out the town. She mentioned that the lakefront would be a busy place and that it was a good time to check it out. So I made my way down there, and, man what a place it was!
The city of Burlington definitely knows that Lake Champlain is its best asset, and it does a wonderful job of maintaining the lakefront area. There is a long boardwalk near the marina, with benches and swings set up looking out toward the lake. That evening there was a fair number of people engaged in various activities along the boardwalk: walking dogs, rollerblading, jogging, or just taking in the beautiful views.

This guy is a good example of the different types of things that were going on. Being a northern city, I'm sure summer is an extra-special time in Burlington. At the beginning of August, the warm days are certainly numbered, and the people probably make sure to get out and enjoy them while they last.
As the sun was inching down toward the western horizon, I realized I was in for a treat.
These views are stunningly serene and picturesque. It's amazing to think that on the one evening I was in Burlington, Vermont, God chose to allow me to witness these wonderful sights. It could have been raining or I could have missed being there entirely. Or maybe my timing was just right. ;)
If you know me at all, you know my history of issues with my eyes and vision. It is an understatement to say I felt blessed to be able to see God's beautiful sunset that night. What a great scene!
Words just really don't do justice, and nor does this fine picture, for that matter!

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