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The next day, Thursday, August 4, was to be my arrival day in Montréal. But I didn't have to be there til later on, so I made sure to check out more of downtown Burlington that morning. The previous night, after I had seen enough at the waterfront, I made my way up to the Church Street district, the most popular place in town. It is a brick-paved street with about 4 blocks cordoned off for pedestrian-only traffic. While there, I had dinner on an outdoors patio at a restaraunt called Three Tomatoes. I had some excellent salmon with a bruschetta appetizer. Church Street gets its name from this old church at the end of the street (go figure). I'm sure it has some historical significance but I didn't care to take the time to look into it. I just took a pic and went about my way.
Church Street is such a cool place. It has shops and restaurants lined all along either side, and was just perfect for walking around and burning time. I went into a few of the shops and bought some random sou-venirs. This fountain at the end of the street is kind of unique.
I bought a mango-flavored sno-cone at this stand while I was wandering around... not a flavor I would care to have again. Granted, the treat was nice and cool as the day warmed up, but that's about all I can say for it.

Further down Church Street is the City Hall building, an eye-catching structure in its own right. From the little I saw, Burlington has to be one of the most beautiful cities in the country. However, it has some petty meter maids. I got a frickin' ticket while I was there! Some cop must have been watching my car, because when I got back, it was only like 15 minutes past expiry and there was a ticket on the windshield. The fine was only $6.50 (big deal), but still... That's only the second ticket I've ever gotten!
Behind City Hall is this very nice park, where it seemed random indigent types wandered amongst the white-collars and moms with kids. If winter didn't give this city a good slappin' every year, I might actually consider living in Burlington!
I'm not really sure what is the point of this sculpture thing, but I thought it looked cool.

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