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Friday, August 5 was my one totally free day to do whatever I wanted to do in Montréal. It's a pity I didn't have more such days, but such is life. One of the main attractions I had wanted to visit was the mountain in the middle of the Isle of Montréal - Mont Royal. (It seems like the city gets its name from this rock, but I don't think the translation bears that out.) In the picture below, taken from Le Stade (next page), you can see how the mountain looms not far behind downtown.
This view is exactly the opposite of the picture above, taken from Mont Royal. I am just waiting patiently to have my random victim figure out how to work the camera and take the picture. The Olympic stadium (Le Stade) is visible in the upper right corner.

Eventually I emerged from the path onto a broad gravelly road and followed some signs to the Mont Royal Cross. This cross is absolutely HUGE. In the afternoon sun it glittered brightly with reflected sunlight. It was really amazing to behold. It was tough to get a good picture because of the size of the cross. Good thing this is in Canada because if it was in America I'm guessing the ACLU would have had it torn down already.

While exploring a mountain with no car might seem daunting to some, you know I was up for it. After taking the Metro (subway) to the trendy and weird Plateau district, I hopped on a bus that dropped you off near the top of Mont Royal. After mingling with other tourists and taking some pictures, I wandered off onto one of the many trails (like in the picture on the left) just to see where I would end up.

As I'm walking down the gravel road, I come across 2 big signs almost as tall as me, saying in both French and English, "Do not feed the squirrels. They become aggressive and destroy the ecosystem." So then I turn a corner, and what do I see! There were about a half dozen people feeding the damn squirrels out of their hands. Children too for crying out loud! As I was walking by, I thought, how funny. Then one of the numerous little bastards started running after me, like, "Bitch, where you going? Get over here and feed me or I'll run you down." They were nasty little grey beasts.
The road eventually led to a chalet and lookout point. The chalet was good to find because they sold water and had air conditioning, neither of which I had figured to need while visiting the mountain. The lookout point shown below was fantastic.
The pictures below were taken while looking out from the parapet at the edge of the lookout point. The view of nearby downtown and the St. Lawrence river across the way is awesome. The last picture below is the original that I doctored a little bit to use for the banner at the top of these pages. When I was done taking in the scene, I wandered back down to another bus stop and headed back to the subway, looking for my next destination...

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