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My next destination after Mont Royal was a good distance across town - Parc Olympique, or Olympic Park, built when Montréal hosted the summer games in 1976. Olympic stadium, or Le Stade, has a unique architectural design, and I figured it was worth some of my precious time to go check it out. You can see the strange swan shape of Le Stade in the upper-middle-right of the picture below, taken from Mont Royal.
To get around town, I used the city's subway system, or Metro. Coupled with the bus service, it really is the most convenient and effective way to travel within the city. I had read all sorts of warnings before my trip about people getting robbed or beaten at subway stations, but maybe that sort of stuff only happens at night. Because I saw a bunch of people - young, old, male, female - that didn't look the least bit worried about waiting around for the subway. Of course, it's probably all about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Thankfully, that was not the case for me.
The Metro was very easy to use, even without knowing any French. The station at which I had to stop to get to Olympic Park unfortunately still required a bunch of walking to get where I wanted to go. It was a whip, especially since I had already done enough walking at Mont Royal. But after all that exercise, I really enjoyed my dinner that night!

Once inside Olympic park, I eventually made my way to the main attraction, this tower attached to Olympic stadium. You had to buy a ticket to ride the "funicular" (or some kind of cable car) up to the observatory at the top of this perch.
This is a view from inside the funicular as it was going up to the observatory. There was really not a lot to do at the park. There is a Biodome nearby that is probably neat, but (a) I didn't have time and (b) I was not interested. I think Le Stade is where the old Montréal Expos baseball team used to play.
The picture below is probably the best one I took from the observatory. Certainly you could get a great view of the sprawling city below, but as the observatory was enclosed, it was difficult to peer through the windows (which had a sloping angle) and take a good picture. In any event, besides downtown, the river, or Mont Royal, there was not much else I wanted to take a picture of anyway. Plus a bunch of people were up there at the time, so it was crowded, and the gift shop inside the observatory made the room feel even more packed. So, for all this complaining, was Olympic Park a worthwhile stop on my itinerary? For me, yes, because it is a Montréal icon, and that's the kind of stuff I am into. But let's just say I made sure to spend as little time there as possible... :)

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