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By my final day in Montréal, I was very near to being totally consumed by whatever allergy had gotten ahold of me. I was pretty much miserable, but there were a few things I had wanted to see yet before leaving the city. Not far from my hotel in the old town was the old port, or Vieux-Port. It is a wonderful place with a number of parks for enjoying the beautiful views of the city and the rushing waters of the St. Lawrence. In this picture you can see the domes of the Hotel de Ville and the Marché Bonsecours reflected on a pond at the riverfront. Apparently, this pond freezes over in winter and provides a great place for ice skaters.
Below, looking west over the St. Lawrence River, sparkling under the morning sun.
Across the river from the old port is Île Ste-Hélène, or St. Helene island. Below you can see the biosphere, the iconic symbol from the World Fair (Expo) held in Montréal in 1967. Click here for a better picture of the entire island from the air, back in 1967.
Now looking back east towards the end of Île Ste-Hélène, you have seen another version of this picture on
page 9. That picture was taken at dusk, when everything was all lit up. This is how La Ronde amusement park and the Pont Jacques-Cartier look during the day. To make the detail in this picture visible, I had to keep it big and split it up...
And here is the north end of the bridge where it lands on Île Montréal at the Molson brewery! It's too bad these pictures are so fuzzy and out of focus. That's what you get when working with an old-school film camera I guess.

One of the parks on the riverfront is home to this clock tower/war memorial. I think you can actually go inside the tower and climb to the top, but from what I remember, it was not yet open for the day, so I was unable to do that. I had to settle for these simple pictures from the outside. But this pic is actually a good composition shot, with the biosphere in the background. :)


At right, a close-up of the war memorial. Yes, I am as surprised as you that people from French Canada actually fought in any wars! But no disrespect to the sailors who are memorialized here.

When done meandering around the old port, I made my way to the last stop on my sightseeing tour, one of the most beautiful churches in Montréal...


The picture on the left shows the detail on the rear of the clock tower. You can barely read the wording at the bottom, saying that the structure stands on "Victoria Pier" and was built in 1916.


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