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The final stop on my frantic and compressed tour of Montréal was the Chapelle Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours (Our Lady of Good Help). (Click here for official site.) This church was incredible. As far as what I like to see when on vacation, I had saved the best for last. The church was immaculately beautiful, and my pictures of it thankfully turned out great. Here you see the chapel from the rear as I approached it from the riverfront.
This is a close-up of the amazing ornamental sculptures atop the chapel. The gothic style, intricate artwork, and green/ brown/purplish color of the exterior, combine to give the place a truly medieval feel. You can see people looking out from the upper tower. Unfortunately, my truncated schedule that day left me no time for a proper exploration of the place, and I did not take a tour to the top for what likely is an extraordinary view of the river and suburbs south of Montréal.
Here you see the front (north side) of the church, facing Rue St-Paul. The gothic spires glow eerily with an iridescent blue/ green at night, as I showed in a picture on page 9. On this side of the church, the streets are made entirely of old cobblestone, helping add to feeling of having stepped back in time.

Below, the view that greets you upon entering the chapel. Obviously it is no where near as large as the Basilique Notre Dame, but somehow more impressive. It is certainly brighter, as the pinkish-white walls help to reflect the interior light. Notice the model ship hanging in the upper-left of the picture. This church is known as the "sailor's chapel" due to its proximity to the river and the sailors who would often pray here for good help on their voyages.
This picture is a close-up of the art above the altar. Now I'm guessing the central painting is of "Our Lady of Good Help". The others are paintings of significant people who helped found the church. The half-sun of golden rays surrounding the central painting provides a feeling of majesty and glory to the altar.
One of the devotional side-altars is shown here. (See right-hand side of photo, 2 pictures up.)
Some of the elegant and intricate artwork adorning the walls of the chapel.
And what would an old-world church be worth without stunningly eye-catching stained glass? These windows provide splendid color to the interior of the alabaster chapel. I believe each window represents a significant event in the life of Jesus. You can see another ship hanging down in front of the window here too.
Here is a good close-up picture of one of the windows. This one appears to represent the birth of Christ.

What an amazing place this was to visit. It was certainly worth some of my precious last few seconds in the city before having to hit the road and return to the states!

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