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Farewell Québec

All good things must come to an end, and my trip to Canada and New England was no different. Sadly we have to work our whole lives in order to take just a few short days of vacation. Then when we use that time, we try to cram it with as much living as possible, to make up for the days we left in the office. Well, I felt like I stuffed that week in the northeast with maybe too much! But it was fun nonetheless, and had to be done. For this last page, I have a potpourri of pictures to show. Below, the street-front entrance to Casa de Mateo on Rue St-François-Xavier. The hotel where I stayed was upstairs above the restaurant - both shared the name Casa de Mateo. In fact, one of those window A/C units in the pic was my room.
This is the Casa de Mateo restaurant. I never actually ate there, preferring to go elsewhere in the old town. Frankly, I thought it would be quite wrong to eat Mexican food in French Canada! But I guess it was no more wrong for me to eat a hamburger and fries at another hole in the wall on Rue St-Paul the first night I was there! But hey, my table was at an open window looking out onto the busy cobblestone street and sidewalk. With a native La Fin du Monde beer in hand, I felt alright!
During the day, the hotel owners kept the fire escape back door open to let fresh air in. The picture below shows the view off the balcony by the fire escape behind the hotel. I've mentioned before in this commentary about how the people of the city seem to like to dress up the ugly places of their homes and businesses with plants and flowers. It certainly is endearing and adds extra charm to the place.
And here is home base, such as it was. This room was basically a shoebox. But for one person who was always on the go, it was perfect! The bed was comfortable enough, the air conditioner worked, and there was a stove and sink with drinkable water in the room. (Didn't use the stove though.) I think I might have turned on the TV a couple times to check the weather in the morning or laugh at the French shows before going to bed, but that was about it. Now of course you see there is no space for a bathroom here. The bathroom was down the hall and shared by all guests. You could lock the bathroom door so that the shower and toilet were private, however. This suited me just fine. I couldn't care less for a room with a fancy bathroom! Again, if you're spending all your vacation time either in your room or in the bathroom, something is not going right.

So then it finally came to it. Time to get headed home. When I left on Saturday, I felt awful. Allergies had me run down, and the multiple-hour drive back to Connecticut for my next-day flight did not help. Anyway, thankfully customs did not take long and I was back in the good ol' U. S. of A. I took a picture of this sign, thinking it's not one you see often.
I leave you with one final picture. One of my specialties, photography while driving! Always dangerous, never boring, and usually producing a quality picture. :) This pic was taken while driving down Interstate 87 through the Adirondacks of upper NY state. The scenery was great on the drive back, so at least that helped combat the drowsiness. Like I've said about my other trips, this one was top-notch, and I would love to visit these places again. And hopefully with more than just a couple days to burn!

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