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Funny, when I first drove into Shelburne Falls, I kept looking for signs to see if I was actually in Shelburne Falls. I kept getting confused by signs pointing toward West Shelburne Falls, and for some stupid reason, I kept missing all the signs that said "Bridge of Flowers" or "Glacial Potholes". So I drove thru town, went back to the highway, then drove back realizing my error... ha ha ha!

Anyway, here is the long-awaited Bridge of Flowers!

For this picture, I gave my camera to an old couple, and the woman told her husband to take the picture. He took forever, trying to frame up the background behind me in order to get the perfect shot. No one I had ever asked in the past was anywhere near as meticulous as that guy!

The Bridge of Flowers started out as a trolley bridge in the early twentieth century, and then was converted into this fancy foot bridge. You can see some more info on it at the Shelburne Falls website. If I remember correctly, there is a plaque on the bridge that lists all the names of the people from the area who died in the two World Wars and Korea.

This is looking west from the bridge. It was such an unbelievably beautiful day. Gentle breeze, warm sun, bees lazily buzzing amongst the flowers. It's what vacations are all about.

Basically across the street from the entrance to the flowery bridge, I found the curiously named Glacial Potholes. To save myself the expense of having to describe this phenomenon, I took a picture that will tell you all you need to know!

The potholes in Texas pretty much have the same range in size as these here. Although my hometown Kennedale is really just one big pothole and it's probably a good five miles in diameter.

This big pile of nondescript rocks forms the potholes. Yes, I was confused too. Frankly I still am. I'm used to bowl-shaped, tire-eating depressions being called potholes. I guess this dam covers up what was once called Salmon Falls, too. Salmon would arguably have a much more difficult time swimming up these falls now, though, I imagine.

This is kind of a close-up pic of the potholes. I will say that they are quite geologically fascinating, with the swirling water and neat color variations. But overall, I'm guessing Shelburne Falls is glad it has that Bridge of Flowers to sell the town with too.

What else to do but... Have my picture taken in front of potholes!!

Alright, enough goofing around. Time to report to tennis camp!

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