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~~ Friday, July 18 ~~

With the adventures of the previous evening behind me, a whole new day opened up before me. I had from early morning until early afternoon to see as much of the island as possible before it was time to head back to the mainland. (This trip really taught me not to plan so much stuff for so little time.)

As I was floating up out of sleep that morning, I was having residual dreams that made me think I had woken up late and had missed the sunrise. So thinking I had already missed it, I just kept sleeping. But then the light in the room got pretty bright, so I figured it was time to get up anyway. Well, when I finally saw the time (around 5:30 am - EARLY sunrise up there) I realized I had been fooling myself. I grabbed my camera and took this great picture of the sunrise.

This is the Narragansett Inn where I stayed. It must have been renovated from a couple of houses. I stayed in this building (upstairs, right window), which was detached from the main building (you can see a slice of it to the right of the bush in this pic). The place was very quaint - too bad I hadn't scheduled more time for myself here. The picture below shows the view from the west side of the house, looking out at New Harbor.

So after waking up, I jumped on my bike and headed out right away, anxious to get to my first destination before there was much activity on the island. A couple miles later I came upon this site, probably my favorite place from my whole trip, Mohegan Bluffs.

I was setting up my camera to take a self-portrait, when a lone jogger came by and helped me out. The view from the top of the bluffs was incredible, with nothing but the Atlantic stretching out to the southeast. To read some info on the Bluffs,
check this article.

Getting down to the beach required descending a loooong set of winding, steep wooden stairs until about 20 feet above the beach. There the stairs ended, and if you wanted to go down completely, you had to pick your way down through the boulders and rubble. I found out that I was all alone there that morning, so this excursion probably wasn't the smartest thing to be doing, particularly in the absence of available help if I got hurt. But I picked my path carefully and made it down to the beach... and what a pay-off.

The beach was absolutely pristine. The tide had just moved out, and the beach had a sleek, unmolested appearance, save for the footprints of birds. I took off my shoes, set my stuff down, and just walked up and down the beach, sometimes letting the cold waves crash around my legs and the babbling waters pool around my feet. The sounds were amazing. No people, no cars, no noise of industry. Just the ocean. The air was warm, and the sky was bright. The glory of God was all around me, in its most raw and breathtaking form.

Eventually, a few other people made their way down to the beach too. It was still fairly early, not much later than 7 am, but soon the beach would likely get busy. I felt so blessed to have been able to bear witness to the place's unspoiled, natural beauty. To be there with a bunch of other beach bums messing up the sand and talking over the ocean - it would be as to deny oneself a divinely profound experience. I didn't want to move on from this peaceful place, as humbling as it was. But time was pushing me to move on.

Perched near the Mohegan Bluffs is the Southeast Light. I couldn't see it from the beach, but as I was biking away back north toward the Old Harbor (where the ferries dock), I was able to get a look at the first lighthouse of my trip, albeit from a bit of a distance.

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