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After being awed by the Mohegan Bluffs, I still had a lot of Block Island left to explore. I went back to my hotel, had breakfast, and packed up all my stuff. Since check-out time was 11 am, I had to carry all my stuff in my backpack while riding the bike around. (It wasn't too bad because I had packed light for the overnight trip, but the backpack was still somewhat of a nuisance.) I wanted to catch the ferry to the mainland by no later than 3 pm though, so again - thanks to my foolishly poor planning - time was against me.

While riding around the island, I happened to find this duck pond alongside the road. It seemed kind of quaint so I thought it was worth a picture!

As I looped around the east side of the island, to near where the ferry docked, I was able to better see the main street of the Old Harbor town. (Being near dark the previous evening, I wasn't really able to see much.) Notice that the main road is just one lane in either direction - the same all over the island.

Block Island's main beaches lay along the eastern shore. I pedaled north from Old Harbor and came across this popular spot, Mansion Beach. Since I hadn't gotten in the water when I was at Mohegan Bluffs, I decided to swim around a bit and sit in the sand. What a bad idea! The sand got all up in my shorts, and made riding my bike for the duration of the day rather uncomfortable. Moron!

When I was done at the beach, I got back out on the main road and headed toward the north tip of the island. The road was not always flat and easy - in fact, there were a few small hills that made the trip challenging. (As if dodging the frequent vehicles wasn't difficult enough.) This homeowner must have recognized how many people biked the island, though, and smartly set up a lemonade/water stand. $1.00 got me a couple cups of cold lemonade and a welcome break.

Finally, after more biking, I made it to the north end of Block Island. The road came to an end amidst some parking spots, and since I didn't want to take the bike out any further, I just parked it and took a couple pictures. The lighthouse in the distance is the North Point Light. Some info on it can be found here. You can tell from this pic that the sky had begun clouding up by early afternoon, but the temp was still pleasant with no rain.


(right) - Careful observation helped me to spot the nearly hidden sign on the road that pointed out the path to my destination. I locked up my bike and set off down the trail. It was very easy walking, but I was surprised by how long the trail was. This picture shows typical surroundings for much of the hike. At one point I figured I'd turn around because time was growing short. But the island is only so big, so I kept pushing forward.
(left) - Unable to travel further north, I turned the bike around and headed back. My guide book had said the Clay Head nature trail was somewhere off the main road, but I hadn't found it on my trip north...


Finally, the trail opened out onto another beach, this one much more secluded and decidedly less popular than Mansion Beach. Only a few people were laying out taking in the shy sun, and I harassed one of them into taking a picture for me. Believe me, the chafing from the sand in my shorts was in full effect by this time. After I wandered around the beach for a few minutes, I took the trail back and took off again on my bike.

South from the trail was the main beach on the island, with full shower and change-room facilities. I stopped there to clean myself up and get out of my sandpaper shorts. I biked back to Old Harbor, returned my ride, and boarded the mid-afternoon ferry that would take me back to the mainland. It actually rained a little bit going back, and with the wind it made the ride rather chilly for a mid-July day. I had had a great day on Block Island. It's just too bad I didn't get to spend more time there. Oh well... onto my next destination!

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