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Upon returning to mainland Rhode Island (that sounds like an oxymoron), I still had some time that afternoon before I needed to arrive at my hotel in Westerly. So I decided that even though I had no idea where the Point Judith Lighthouse was located, there was only a finite area of land near the ocean that I needed to search in order to find it. After driving around about 10 minutes, find it I did.

Finally, my first up-close look at a real lighthouse. The Point Judith Light is well-maintained, although I'm not sure how much it is actually used anymore nowadays. It is run by the US Coast Guard, and there were serious-looking fences all around the compound to show they mean business.


(right) - Yeah, apparently the horn still works, but I didn't get a chance to hear it. They ought to just blow the horn randomly every now and then just to freak out the visitors.
(left) - This picture is kind of cool in that it helps you get an idea of how tall the lighthouse really is, compared to the person standing next to it. Like all of these lighthouses, you can't go inside this one either. For some info on the place, check this government page.


~~ Saturday, July 19 ~~

The trip to the lighthouse didn't take long because there wasn't really much to see. So I drove on to my next destination, the small town of Misquamicut, a subdivision of Westerly, RI. My research told me that this is where I should go to find a good beach. The next morning I headed down to the beach, which was about 2 blocks from my motel. It was a beautiful day, probably around 75 degrees. The beach was already pretty busy that Saturday morning, but I found an empty place to put down.

I laid out on the beach and read my book for a bit, enjoying the relaxing surroundings. The beach itself was actually kind of skanky, with coarse, wet sand and evidence of previous trashy visitors all around. I can't go to a beach and not get in the water, though, so of course I ran down and jumped in the waves. But the water was COLD! It took some getting used to, for sure. Certainly not like the warm waters of Mexico! Here's a pic of me loving the beach - and no, that is not a skirt!

The fun on the beach didn't last long though, because of my ridiculously tight scheduling. I had to get back to my motel room to shower and check out, then make my way to my next destination in Newport, RI. To get there required crossing some huge bridges connecting southern Rhode Island. Of course, how could I not take a picture? Why let a little thing like driving get in the way!

Lacking anything better to show on this page, I thought maybe you'd like to see a picture of my trusty rent car. It got me around and did a very admirable job. When I was in Misquamicut, loading the car at the motel, a couple saw my New Jersey plates and thought I was from their state. I told them I was from Texas, and then they didn't have much else to say. Maybe they only wanted to talk to people from NJ, who knows...

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