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I had a sliver of time to spend before I had to be in Newport that Saturday afternoon, so I discovered that there was another lighthouse on Conanicut Island, which lies in between the RI South County and Newport. The whirlwind tour continues...

You can hardly travel to Newport from Narragansett without crossing the two toll bridges ($2 for each!) that connect to Conanicut Island. Maybe this map will help give you some bearings as to where I was that day.

Here is a picture of the bridge connecting the east side of the island (and Conanicut's main town, Jamestown) to Newport. I guess the little old lady wasn't quite sure what the heck I was trying to photograph!

Finding the lighthouse should have been easy - just go as far south as possible on the island. But I got lost, asked for some help, turned back onto the right road, and finally arrived at the Beavertail Lighthouse, apparently the third oldest in America. This picture on the right looks like some-thing from a postcard!

The following pictures are of the bay surrounding the peninsula on which the lighthouse sits. Nothing terribly exciting, but a lot of beautiful scenery. Once again, God had blessed me with a gorgeous day, and this visit was very relaxing.

People come to the rocky shores to sunbathe, enjoying the spray from the crashing waves. This picture is looking northwest.

I didn't get too close to the edge, because I didn't feel like getting soaked.
This pic is looking southeast.

I really had to work hard to get this pic. I carefully picked my way down the rocks to get an angle that had the lighthouse building and the shore all together - and it worked!

Another beautiful scene, this one covering the east coast of the island.
Man do I love the ocean!!

Again, too bad my timetable was so stacked. I had to leave almost as soon as I got there. But I had an appointment in Newport I didn't want to miss...

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