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~~ Sunday, July 20 ~~

After the brief night in Rockport, the final day of my trip had arrived. My flight home wasn't until early afternoon, so, leaving no hour unused, I sped down to Boston to check out as much of the city as I could fit in that morning. Thankfully I was blessed with one last beautiful New England summer day.

I had done some research to find out what old churches or cathedrals still actively held services in Boston. I found Trinity Church, an Episcopal congregation in the heart of Boston's Back Bay district. While Episcopal is protestant, it's not quite like the Methodism I'm familiar with. But it was close enough for me, especially since I really wanted to get an up-close look at the church. Directly after the morning service, the church conveniently held tours of the facility.
In the picture to the right, you can kind of see the immaculately designed chancel area and pulpit. For the dual benefits of getting to attend worship services and also see some great architecture, I don't think I could have chosen a better church to visit. Here is a link to the Trinity Church's web site.

Trinity Church is located right in the middle of Copley Square (left), which is a bustling park and commons area. Immediately to the south of the church is the gigantic Hancock Tower, the tallest building in New England. From the picture to the right, you can see how it dwarfs Trinity Church. I could not take a tour to the top of the tower as they suspended all tours after 9/11.

Adjacent to the northwest edge of Copley Square was another fascinating-looking church. This one is called the Old South Church, and while I would have loved to have visited that church as well, I had to settle for just an outside look at its gothic-inspired exterior.

I followed my map and left Copley Square to explore the other streets in Back Bay. There were a lot of high-end shops and cafes along the decorative boulevards, and the Sunday afternoon crowd was buzzing in the warm sun. I thoroughly enjoyed just walking amongst the all the activity, admiring the old-school architecture, watching people, and generally just taking in the scene.

Well, that marks the end of my 2003 summer tennis trip to New England. Hopefully some day I'll get to go back and see some more of the 99% of stuff I didn't see the first time! I'll have to be a better steward of my time, because I tried to fit way too much activity into my short days. But it was a great trip nonetheless!

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