**     Please pack efficiently - we have limited space.


**     Due to lack of space aboard the bus, no personal ice chests will be allowed.   The Ski Club will provide soft drinks.


**     We will not stop for dinner on the way to Taos.  Bring dinner/snacks for the bus ride.


**     A pillow and blanket are a good idea - it can get cool on the bus at night.


**     Our rooms may not be ready upon arrival because check in time is 1:00 p.m. at the Sagebrush.  In this case, we will have a place to change and store our belongings.


**      A full breakfast is provided on Friday and Saturday mornings.


**     On Sunday, we will check out of the Sagebrush and load the bus before we ski Taos.  Pack a small bag to take with you to change into after our ski day is over.


**     We will leave Taos at 4:00 p.m. Sunday.  Plan on being off the mountain by 3:00 to give yourself plenty of time to change and load the bus.


**      We will stop for a late dinner in Dalhart on the way back to Fort Worth.